Bonnie and the Bonnettes: Drag Me To Love

So imagine this: You are 14 years old and you are a drag queen. It’s golden stilettos, ripped fishnets, shoulder pads, and neon bobs. It’s expression. It’s glamour. It’s power. It’s Doncaster, 2009.

We will laugh. We will cry. We will sing and we will dance. You are bound to fall, as we drag you, into love.

Friday 20 August 9pm

Age guidance: 16+

Trigger warnings: Strong language, flashing lights, loud noises, scenes of sexual assault and drug use.

Running time: 70 mins (no interval)

Socials: FACEBOOK: @BonnieBonnettes, TWITTER: @BonnieBonnettes, INSTAGRAM: @bonnieandthebonnettes

Capacity: 75%


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Slade Gardens, Brixton

19 – 20 Aug 2021