Environmental Policy

Paines Plough is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business activities. As a prominent touring theatre company we have an influential position within the industry and therefore strive to achieve best practice procedures at all times.

We ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations as a minimum and this policy encourages continual improvement in environmental performance.

Paines Plough endeavours to:

• reduce resource consumption;
• minimise energy usage;
• recycle waste and reuse where possible;
• use sustainable and ethical goods and implement sustainability criteria in our choice of suppliers;
• reduce carbon dioxide emissions in line with the UK target of reducing emissions by 80% from the 1990 baseline by 2050.

Paines Plough’s means to achieve the aims include:

• maintenance of a comprehensive Environmental Action Plan to which we induct all staff members and freelancers, outlining how Paines Plough practically engages with environmental sustainability in the workplace;
• distribution of Paines Plough’s Green Rider to all tour venues and partners, outlining our recommendations for receiving our shows greenly;
• annual evaluation of our progress in each of the key areas described above, using the Julie’s Bicycle Industry Green tool as well as our own data analysis, and according review of our Environmental Action Plan.

Monitoring and evaluation

Although we state that this policy is updated at least annually any key change in the activities the company or knowledge in the field of sustainability will be reflected in this policy as soon as possible. Over the next 12 months Paines Plough will continue to develop practical and achievable actions for environmental sustainability practices within our offices and touring productions in order to better our Policy and Action Plan in 2020.

We are committed to:

• developing and embedding a culture of sustainability across all of our activities;
• setting environmental targets year on year and report on our progress annually;
• sharing our experience and learn from peers in the theatre industry.