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Auditorium: Facts and Figures

Vital statistics.

Some facts and figures about Roundabout...

/ Roundabout seats 168 people.

/ It is 11.5 metres in diameter, with a 4.6 metre diameter playing space and top height of 5 metres.

/ There are three entrances which are opposite the three sets of steps into each auditorium block.

/ Roundabout can be erected in a day by six people. It does not require any specialist tools or skills to assemble. The only tool required is an Allen key. Because the roof is hand winched, there is no working at height.

/ There are no visible conventional lighting units or speakers. The theatre uses ‘plug and play’ technology. The lighting facilities consist of 627 individual LED light fittings – a mixture of colour mixing and tuneable white – installed in the roof of the theatre. This pixelated lighting has the ability to project images.

/ The sound system consists of six speakers positioned in the ceiling that are focussed onto the back-wall of the theatre and which reflect the sound back into the space. There are also three base pins situated under each seating block.

/ The roof weighs approximately two and a half tonnes. The auditorium weighs between three and four tonnes.

/ The seating is made from plywood with aluminium backs. We tested a lot of cushions before choosing the comfiest ones.

/ Roundabout took us four years of inventing, designing, head-scratching, fundraising, sanity-checking, coercing and testing to get from initial idea to launch in 2014.   

Roundabout was designed by Lucy Osborne and Emma Chapman in collaboration with Charcoalblue and Howard Eaton. It was built and developed by Factory Settings.