The Sound of Heavy Rain

by Penelope Skinner

Laughing. Talking. Hours in cafes drinking coffee. Chatting about boys. Girls. Romance. Sharing a plate of chips. It was one of those friendships…I don’t know how to explain…like…Love.

Cabaret singer Foxie O’Hara vanished without a tweet two weeks ago from Mrs Whistle’s Lodge.

On that very same night Foxie’s friend Maggie Brown, a temporary secretary, announced her engagement to local businessman Dougal Cheese.

Concerned and desperate Maggie seeks the help of Dabrowski P.I. to find her missing friend.

But before Dabrowski can blow the whistle on the mystery of Foxie O’Hara he must delve into the history of the girls’ relationship; the deeper he digs, the darker the case becomes, until the real question he needs to answer isn’t ‘where is Foxie’….but ‘who is Foxie’?

Part of The Roundabout Season

The first performance of The Sound of Heavy Rain took place on 16th November 2011 at the Crucible Studio Theatre, Sheffield.

A Paines Plough, Sheffield Theatres and Shoreditch Town Hall production.

Creative Team


Penelope Skinner


James Grieve


Lucy Osborne


Richard Howell


Tom Gibbons


Imogen Knight

Musical Direction

Tom Attwood


Maia Alexander

Alistair Cope

Kate O'Flynn

Andrew Sheridan