Sticks and Stones

by Vinay Patel

‘So we’re clear. You know, right? You know I’m not that kind of person.’

Sometimes we can’t find the right words. Sometimes the wrong word just slips out. Sometimes the right words become the wrong words. Sometimes that ruins everything.

When a misfiring joke turns their life upside down, B starts to question what being good really means. In an age when technology multiplies every mistake, can we find a way to understand each other?

STICKS AND STONES is a razor-sharp satire about the search for a sure footing in an uncertain world from BAFTA-nominated Vinay Patel.

Roundabout 2018 Season: A Paines Plough and Theatr Clwyd Production

Creative Team


Stef O’Driscoll


Vinay Patel

Sound Design

Dominic Kennedy

Lighting Design

Peter Small


Jennifer Jackson

Assistant Director

Balisha Karra