Long Time Dead

by Rona Munro

“I reckon this is the worst way to die. Get a kid, just a little kid, tell them they’re going to die, wait till they¹re old enough to understand it then tell them, let it sink in, then give them sixty or seventy years to think about it and watch it coming.”

“Yeah you¹re right. That¹s the worst. We’re not going to go like that are we?”

“We’re not living like that.”

Grizzly, Dog and Gnome live to climb mountains. They’re good at it. They’re not looking for death. They love what they do and they do it to the limit. But they’re climbing up to places where death is only one mistake away.

The prestigious partnership of Paines Plough and the Drum Theatre Plymouth returns to present Rona Munro’s thrilling story of friendship, adventure and chasing ghosts.

A Paines Plough, Traverse Theatre and Drum Theatre Plymouth production.


Creative Team


Rona Munro


Roxana Silbert