London: Sea Wall & T5

by Simon Stephens

You get back to London and the noise of the place and the dirt and the colour and the roar of it. I can’t actually. What I can’t really do, for now, at least is work.

In a city full of the push and pull, constant chatter and hum you can barely find the time to breathe.You want to get away. You deserve to get away.

There is a choice – you can take everything you love with you or leave it all behind.

LONDON tells two heart-rending stories of family and the choices they make for the precious things they love.

A new project incorporating the critically acclaimed SEA WALL (“One of the most devastating 30 minutes you are ever likely to experience in the theatre” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian), and T5.

SEA WALL was originally commissioned and produced by The Bush Theatre in 2008, directed by George Perrin.

Image by Graham Michael

A Paines Plough, Live Theatre and Salisbury Playhouse production.


Creative Team


Simon Stephens


George Perrin


Hannah Clark


Malcolm Rippeth


Tom Gibbons

Assistant Director

Mark Maughan


Cary Crankson

Abby Ford