Key to the World

by Doug Lucie

Three freakish Londoners in East Berlin who encounter a Jewish father and daughter, both profoundly committed to their country’s authoritarian regime. The three Londoners are in the pop music business. John (Tim McInnerny) leads a group which venomously opposes the commercialisation of the industry and is in search of political material for a new album. His scowling black girl singer (Dulice Leicier) is so committed to the Third World she hates almost everything European in sight. The luscious Trudie Styler plays a middle class journalist and rebel on the make.

East Berlin plays unwilling host to a couple of successful British rock musicians. The Communist Party officially condemns rock music-yet the people avidly consume all the products of the capitalist West.

This paradox lies at the centre of Key To The World. This black comedy gets to the heart of popular music, and, with biting and satirical humour, savages the hypocrisy and cultural posturing of both East and West.


Creative Team


Mike Bradwell