Bilal’s Birthday

by Nathan Bryon

In a cramped apartment in Harlem within the busy city of New York, Bilal is 24 hours away from turning 18 years-old. No one is more excited than him, but he has left everything to the last minute. As usual, Bilal has been spending most of his time in his daydreams with his best friend who is–rightly so–Beyoncé.

Bilal’s loving Aunty Theresa wants to make his birthday a super special occasion after the tough year he’s had, but his sassy cousin Sade is not sure he deserves all the attention!

Bilal’s Birthday is a comedy-drama written by Nathan Bryon about a newly formed family, helping their newest member settle in.

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A Paines Plough and Naked Angels production.


Creative Team


Nathan Bryon


Liz Carlson


Alex Hawthorne


Ugo Anyanwu

Tesiana Elie

Mariette Strauss

Sasha Diamond

Alex Grubbs