Martin frolics with Fran who is dazzled by Dominic who jumps on Jen who is blinded by Barry who ogles Odette who cops off with Chris who loves Lorraine who ruts with Rae who satisfies Sarah who notches up Nathan who tups Tania who kisses Kenneth who makes it with Maureen who watches Wayne who wriggles with Ruth who married Martin …


… and so it goes on as SLEEPING AROUND takes you on a whistle-stop tour of carnal habits throughout the British Isles


In a world of reward cards and air miles, advertisers are certain they've got the measure of us. Can we step outside the designer labels they pin on us? Does intimacy and sexual liaison break down barriers - or keep us firmly in our place?


With an epic cast of characters in diverse couplings, SLEEPING AROUND probes the subtleties, humour and pain of sex and relationships.