Yassmin V Foster

Yassmin V Foster is an artist, researcher and academic with a portfolio career in the creative and cultural industries. Her career is premised on a transdisciplinary work ethic, which is underpinned by her passion for movement. Her work as a movement director and choreographer is credited to, Inside Bitch (2019) Clean Break/ Royal Court, award winning Queens Of Sheba (2019) Nouveau Riche, Box Clever (2017) Nabokov, With A Little Bit Of Luck (2017) and award winning All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (2017) Middle Child Theatre Company. Yassmin holds a BA (Hons) in Anthropology and Media, MA Choreomundus – international master in dance knowledge, practice and heritage and is a doctoral research candidate. She is also a founding member of Legs Eleven Sound System: the nomenclature in the art of playing amplified music. This additional experience that informs her practice and allows her to explore aural, proprioceptive and visual perceptions within her work.