Roundabout at Summerhall 2015

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Roundabout at Summerhall 2014

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The Human Ear

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Paines Plough returns to Edinburgh with the World Premiere of a gripping thriller from last year’s Fringe First Award winner Alexandra Wood.

A man turns up at Lucy’s door claiming to be the brother she hasn’t seen in 10 years. But why has he come? Is it really him? And what happens when there’s another knock at the door?

Forced to confront the messy inner workings of sibling love with its petty resentments, casual cruelty, profound betrayals and implicit understanding, can the bond between brother and sister be rebuilt?

An intriguing tale of loss, renewal and knowing who to trust.


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“If I could give you all the blood in my body…go back…make it undone…undo what happened, I would do.”

An ordinary summer’s day.

Liam is about to make a decision he will spend a life time regretting.

One day. One mistake.

Seven lives sent spiralling.

From service stations to sea fronts, BLISTER examines one moment and its ripple effects through a galaxy of lives.

Not the Worst Place

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“I ain’t got a city named for me…The swans have though, haven’t they. They got a city named for them.”

17-year-old Emma dreams of travelling adventures beyond her Swansea home. Rhys, her idle boyfriend, has other plans for them.

Facing the consequences of their actions under the disapproving eye of Emma’s mother, they struggle to find a happy medium.

Now, camped out on Swansea seafront, they must confront the difficult question of what it takes to leave the place that shaped everything they are.

A story about what happens when life gets in the way of your dreams.

Sam Burns weaves together a touching, sensitive play that tackles our conflicting emotions about the place we call home.

Jumpers for Goalposts

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I’m not asking you to win. I’m asking you to just: chuck your face at it, have a, have a fucking good go at it. And then we’ll. Yeah. We’ll see.

Luke wants Danny, but Danny’s got a secret. Joe wants to play second fiddle, but Geoff wants a headline gig. Viv just wants to beat the lesbians to the league title. Game on.

A hilarious and heart-warming comedy about football, friendship and finding your way from Tom Wells, winner of the George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright 2012 for the smash hit comedy THE KITCHEN SINK.


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It was rammed. Saturday afternoon. Everyone heading uptown. Hot like nothing. And then having this on top.

Ryan encounters Mike on the 11.57 train to Victoria. Tempers ignite, violence explodes and both their worlds are smashed apart.

The debris is scattered down through the following weeks, months, years… and one of them is still trying to fathom why he did what he did on that long gone summer’s day.

SMITHEREENS traces one moment and its aftershocks that ripple and affect many more.

A bruising, moving, kaleidoscopic journey taking you to places where you never thought you’d end up.

SMITHEREENS is a co-production between Paines Plough and Rose Bruford College, performed by Third Year Graduate Acting students and directed by recent Rose Bruford graduate Amanda Collins.

Sixty Five Miles

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I don’t even have a photo. Every girl I see could be her. You’d know yer own child if they walked past wouldn’t you?

Sixty Five Miles. The distance between Hull and Sheffield. The distance between a man and the daughter he’s never met.

Pete and Rich are two very different brothers. Reunited after nine years, both are seeking forgiveness. Rich needs to confront ex-girlfriend Lucy, and the shadows of his recent past. Pete’s search is for the one woman in his life he has never known, his daughter.

They soon discover that – even separated by sixty five miles – people never forget.

Paines Plough and Hull Truck present Matt Hartley’s devastating new play about families and the ties that bind.

An Intervention

Posted on: March 3rd, 2021 by ppEditor

One of them went on the anti-war protest, shouted their lungs out, then got horrendously and staggeringly drunk. The other stayed at home, watched TV for a bit, and thought about the future.

A touching, funny play about what happens when you hate your best friend.

Paines Plough at 40 (BBC Radio 3)

Posted on: March 3rd, 2021 by ppEditor

An evening of new plays to celebrate Paines Plough’s 40th anniversary.

BBC Radio 3 hosts an evening performance that recognises Paines Plough’s enormous contribution to British theatre.

The evening will feature new short plays by three of the UK’s most exciting writers – Katie Douglas, Robin French and Nick Payne – all of whom are Paines Plough alumni.

The plays will be recorded live in front of an invited audience at the BBC and broadcast on Radio 3 on Sunday 21 December, at 10pm.

You can listen on demand on BBC iPlayer until 21 January 2015.