Tour the Writer

Posted on: May 19th, 2023 by ppEditor

Welcome to Tour the Writer, a new writer development programme in partnership with leading theatres across the country.

This project exists to create a local, regional and national network of writers and storytellers, whilst offering ongoing support, development and mentoring from Paines Plough and our partner venues.

Our partner venues are:

The project kicked off in 2023 with Open Writer’s Labs at each venue, giving budding writers the opportunity to meet the team, connect with each other, and begin your development journey.

This was followed by one-to-one meetings between venues and writers (called ‘Talk to Us’), and two online masterclasses on ‘Structure’ and ‘Demystifying the Industry’, with panellists Katie Posner, Gillian Greer, Nathan Queeley-Dennis, Chloë Moss, Aisha Zia, Mike Bartlett and Charlie Josephine.

The Women’s Prize for Playwriting

Posted on: April 7th, 2021 by ppAdmin

What is the Women’s Prize for Playwriting?

Paines Plough, Ellie Keel Productions and 45North launched the Women’s Prize for Playwriting in 2020 to support female, UK and Ireland-based writers.

The winning playwright receives £12,000 in respect of an exclusive option for Ellie Keel Productions and Paines Plough to co-produce the winning play.

The mission of the Women’s Prize for Playwriting is to address the inequality in the number of plays written by women and men on major stages in the UK. In 2018, only 26% of new plays on main stages in Britain were by women.

This prize is designed to level the playing field and to honour and celebrate the work of female and non-binary playwrights.

An Introduction for Writers

Posted on: March 3rd, 2021 by ppEditor

Hello writers!

Thank you for reading about how we want to work with you and support you as a national theatre company of new writing. This is an introduction to our values and practice.

At Paines Plough our main goal is to make our writer development work as wide in its geographical reach as the productions we tour across the UK and Ireland. We want to ensure that writers everywhere have access and opportunity to be discovered, developed and produced. We will do this by continually investing in different ways of reaching, supporting and working with you.

We promote the idea that a writer can take many forms; creating work in many different ways and coming from a wide range of backgrounds. We also have an active agenda in the discovery and development of under-represented writers for the theatre.

Our approach to is be bespoke to your voice and process; allowing you to be your best self; whatever that means to you. As part of this, we constantly innovate how we work with writers including challenging inherited systems, ensuring we listen to how you want to be developed, communicated with, and supported by us. If there is more we can be doing, we want you to let us know.

We will regularly post opportunities on our website for ways you can get involved and we look forward to meeting you!

Writers on Attachment

Posted on: January 28th, 2021 by ppAdmin

Playwright Fellowship

Our Playwright Fellowship is awarded annually to a writer of exceptional promise. The Fellowship invites the writer to spend nine months on attachment to Paines Plough, where we design a bespoke programme to tailor the attachment to their specific needs, ambitions and circumstances.

The Fellow receives a bursary and a desk at Paines Plough, as well as mentorship from our Artistic Directors and Team PP.

We offer the writers new and interesting experiences to develop their craft, like participating in Sala Beckett’s annual Obrador d’estiu in Barcelona, immersing themselves in international work at the Dublin Theatre Festival and Edinburgh International Festival, and meeting some of their playwright heroes.