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A programme to support companies in building their resilience and strengthening their strategic plans.

Introducing Re:Build – a programme to support companies in building their resilience and strengthening their strategic plans.

With a change in leadership in 2019 came a commitment to champion the unheard and reach the overlooked and we are actively finding ways that we can support underrepresented voices from the artists we work with to the audiences we engage.

We are now offering a package of support for two theatre companies over an initial six-month attachment in the hope of supporting them to build their resilience and strengthen their strategic plans in the current climate.

The two theatre companies we have chosen to support this year are:


Bonnie and the Bonnettes

Bonnie and The Bonnettes are a theatre company and drag/cabaret trio based in the North East, founded in 2016 by Cameron Sharp, Rebecca Glendenning and Hattie Eason. They like it when audiences laugh. They like it when they think. They really like it when they do both together. Their work is loud, fun, and most importantly a great night out!

They make work that is sometimes about them, sometimes about other people, but mostly about the world we live in and the experiences we all share. How do we love? How do we get angry? How do we laugh? How do we come together?  How do we learn from each other? How do we put the world to rights?

We have a shared commitment to sharing vital, unheard queer, working-class stories as these are the ones we didn’t have growing up but very much needed. We believe they need to be shouted about and celebrated!

“The trio present a united colourful front against the world” – A Younger Theatre 

We are associated with Live Theatre, Northern Stage, and Alphabetti Theatre and so excited to now be part of Paines Plough’s Re:Build programme!

Facebook and Twitter: @BonnieBonnettes

Instagram: @Bonnieandthebonnettes



Nouveau Riche is a multi award-winning creative movement, headed by a team of professional performing artists and producers. Our objective is to discover, nurture and produce unique stories with a keen scope on work that is both educational and entertaining.

Nouveau Riche have set out to create and nurture new writing that is thought provoking, challenging and culturally inclusive. The most common theme in our work is that we tend to depart from traditional Western storytelling, experimenting with fresh, contemporary, and unconventional methods.

Facebook: @nvrch

Twitter: @nvrchuk

Instagram: @nvrchuk