Roundabout in Margate

Roundabout is going back to Margate. We'll be back in Marine Gardens 20 - 23 September with four days of theatre, comedy and more. 

Read about the Paines Plough shows below. You can see any PP show for just £5. 

The full programme will be announced soon. Check back here for updates. 



Sometimes you can’t find the right word. Sometimes the wrong word slips out. And sometimes that ruins everything. A razor-sharp satire about the search for sure footing in an uncertain world from BAFTA nominated Vinay Patel.

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ISLAND TOWN by Simon Longman

Kate, Sam and Pete live in a dead-end town but who cares when they’ve got cheap cider and their whole lives ahead of them? A play about friendship and dreams of escape by award-winning writer Simon Longman.

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HOW TO SPOT AN ALIEN by Georgia Christou

Why isn't anyone allowed in the attic? Jelly and Jonjo are suspicious. Maybe Aunt Leina has something to hide. A fantastical search for alien life in a quest full of fun, friendship and flying saucers.

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Marine Gardens is right on the sea front next to Marine Studios. Check it out on Google Maps if you need directions.