Introducing Re:Build - a programme to support companies in building their resilience and strengthen their strategic plans.

With a change in leadership in 2019 came a commitment to champion the unheard and reach the overlooked and we are actively finding ways that we can support underrepresented voices from the artists we work with to the audiences we engage.

We are now offering a package of support for two theatre companies over an initial six-month attachment in the hope of supporting them to build their resilience and strengthen their strategic plans in the current climate.


We want to specifically support theatre companies who:


  • Have an interest in working nationally and in new work
  • Who do not currently have the support of a Producer, and;
  • Who have a focus on underrepresented voices.


Over the six-month attachment we will offer:


-     A kickstart strategic planning session with our Joint Artistic Directors bespoke to your company’s vision and structure

-     Ongoing strategic mentorship and sessions with our Joint Artistic Directors and Executive Producer

-     Dedicated Producer support for up to three days each month which can include developing fundraising bids, budgets and project plans

-     Networking opportunities with our small-scale venue network of over 30 small-scale national venues and our wider national partners

-     Advice sessions on broader topics including budgeting, contracting, fundraising, marketing and tour booking

-     Access to office space to work and to host auditions, readings and workshops (once the office is reopened!)

-     Support of £200 per person for out of pocket expenses.


We will be announcing the two companies on attachment in the new year.