In association with 45 North

At Paines Plough we are addicted to writers and the work they make, passionate about sharing their stories with audiences from every corner of the UK. Our ambition is for our writers and audiences to be drawn from the widest range of backgrounds and we are committed to growing an industry that is representative as the only way to serve them. 

To achieve this, we recognise that we must constantly examine and review the systems and power structures that impact on writers and artists. No two people have the same set of circumstances and every theatre maker has their own relationship to privilege and power, which helps or hinders their practice.

We are therefore launching this new project, which is about broadening the pool of practitioners we support so that we might work individually and as a team to identify the best conditions in which bold, eclectic and visionary writers can thrive.


What is Re:Assemble?  


Re:Assemble is a professional development programme through which we will collectively identify, challenge and evolve existing dramaturgical systems and practice. The ambition is to create a peer-led, co-learning space with input and contributions from guest practitioners: Paines Plough will curate the space in which this journey begins, but the exploration, journey and destination will be driven and defined by the group.  


You can check out our 2020 Re:Assemble cohort here.