The Big Room Playwright Fellowship.

Our Playwright Fellowship is awarded annually to a writer of exceptional promise at the very start of their career.

The Fellowship invites the writer to spend nine months on attachment to PP. We design a bespoke programme for each individual to tailor the support we provide to their specific needs, ambitions and circumstances. The Fellow receives a bursary and a desk at PP and mentorship from our Artistic Directors and Team PP. We try to offer them new and interesting experiences like participating in the annual Obrador d’estiu in Barcelona, seeing international work at the Dublin Theatre Festival and Edinburgh International Festival and meeting their playwright heroes.

The Big Room Fellows

2020/ Vickie Donohue
2019/ Frankie Meredith
2018/ Charley Miles
2016/ Sam Steiner
2015/ Nathan Bryon


“The last four months have been the best of my life. I have seen my short play ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST about police brutality in America performed in Catalan in Barcelona and had a 10 day workshop with some of the best young writers from around the world. I went to Edinburgh for five days and watched over 30 shows. In October I’m about to have some rehearsal and development time at Paines Plough on two new pieces I am bursting to write, whilst having the Paines Plough crew supporting me at every angle, any questions I have, anyone I want to meet in the industry. Writing it makes me realise all the amazing things that have happened.”
Nathan Bryon, Playwright Fellow 2015


“I've learnt a huge amount over the last 9 months. I've seen a ton of theatre…I've also met a load of really inspiring people. PP have sent me to meet loads of my favourite writers … Getting to hang out with James and George and everyone at the PP office has been incredibly inspiring in itself - a brilliant opportunity to get a sense of just how much work goes into putting theatre on and getting it in front of an audience.

I think, in loads of ways, the Fellowship came at the perfect time. It was obviously hugely inspiring and mind-blowing and preconception shattering, but it also gave me a grounding in craft that has helped me manage my work (and life) better as I begin to work on the next plays. 

It has been a transformative experience.”
Sam Steiner, Playwright Fellow 2016