Dennis Kelly ,
Glyn Cannon ,
Jack Thorne,
Tom Kelly ,
Jennifer Farmer,
Julie Ridlington,

What are you doing for lunch?

The usual? Crumbs all over the keyboard, phone going, inbox (43), not even 5 minutes to let your mind wander?

Let us take you somewhere else. From the hearts and minds of 8 brilliant writers experience 8 plays that are immediate, vital, and written for you, now.
Bring your lunch, take your seat and we will clear up the crumbs

The lunchtime event.

Tell your boss you’ll be back in an hour.

Osama the Hero by Dennis Kelly
Snarl by Tom Kelly 
TRust by Jack Thorne 
260◦ by Jennifer Farmer

Slags’ Wall by Julie Ridlington
Niamh (WT) by Alexis Zegermann
No Such Word as Can’t by Daniel Thurman
Plastic by Glyn Cannon

Cast & Crew