Lucinda Burnett,
Laura Lomas,
Danielle Sibley,
Penelope Skinner,
Adam Taylor,
Tom Wells,


Six new plays by six of the UK's most exciting young writers, performed by the graduating actors at Rose Bruford College.


We Planted Some Sunflowers
by Tom Wells
directed by Tessa Walker
1939: Jack has gone to war. Janet misses him. Edmund is a reluctant go-between. 2010: Tara is having a seance. Shelley is grieving. Caz was hoping there'd be cake. A play about love, loss and parakeets.

by Lucinda Burnett
directed by James Grieve
It's 8:30am. A counsellor is coming to see troubled Michael at 9am sharp. His mum is hell bent on making a good impression, but his hungover brother Chris is still in bed, his Dad is facing a work crisis and the Queen of Hearts has been sick in the bathroom.

Midnight at the Hotel Beauregard
by Penelope Skinner
directed by David Zoob
The Hotel Beauregard, Paris on the night of Bastille Day 2010. As the clock strikes twelve, a murder is committed. Room-by-room, we meet every resident.


Beneath the Lights
by Danielle Sibley
directed by Iain Reekie
As the world on the surface grew darker and colder the Master came up with a plan to build a world under the streets. A home for the lost and abandoned children who no one else wanted, a home where there is food, comfort and music.

Some Machine
by Laura Lomas
directed by Iain Reekie
Two teenagers dream about their future. A mum and dad visit their son. A young man and woman are alone in a flat in Leeds. A play about leaving home, coming back to a world you don't belong in and about wanting to be someone else.

Park High School Musical
by Adam Taylor
directed by Tessa Walker
Chris Newton and his friends are the self-appointed rulers of Park High School. But when Chris finally gets a taste of his own medicine and ‘The Losers’ offer him their friendship what will Chris do when his old gang want him back?

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