Marcella Evaristi,
Dusty Hughes,
Tunde Ikoli,
Gerard Mannix Flynn,
Heathcote Williams,

A collection of commissioned plays that focus on the events of summer 1981 (London Riots, Liverpool 8, Royal Wedding, hunger strikes) to present a view of the kind of decade Britain is having so far in the '80s.

Marcella Evaristi: shows the effect on style on a couple of women in the modelling business.

Gerard Mannix Flynn: set in the Maze prison - in a hunger strikers cell - a tragi-comic account of a meeting between martyr and a priest.

Dusty Hughes: a monologue in which William Cobbett visits Liverpool in the summer on 1981.

Tunde Ikoli: London fruit and vegetable market, where the foreman is kidnapped by a group of kids making a bid for stardom on Royal Wedding day.

Heathcote Williams: a seedy investigative journalist trying to sell the real dirt on the Royal Family to the publisher of a trashy German magazine.

Cast & Crew