Dylan Coburn Gray

Dylan Coburn Gray


Dylan Coburn Gray is a writer based in Dublin.  His work has won praise for its innovative use of language and playful approach to form, blurring the line between poetry and drama.

Plays include BOYS AND GIRLS (Dublin Fringe Festival 2013, winner of Best New Writing Award, nominated for the Stewart Parker Trust Award); DRAWING CROSSES ON A DUSTY WINDOWPANE (Dublin Fringe 2015) and Citysong (Lingo Spoken Word Festival 2015); BRISEIS AFTER THE

BLACK and BLACKCATFISHMUSKETEER (Dublin Fringe 2016); THIS IS A ROOM (Dublin Theatre Festival 2017). He is a collaborating writer with Malaprop Theatre, winners of the 2015 Spirit of Fringe Commission Award for Love+.  With them he has co-written JERICHO (Bewleys Cafe Theatre) and EVERYTHING NOT SAVED (Dublin Fringe 2017).