Claire Wardroper

Claire Wardoper


I studied Technical Theatre and Stage Management at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

I specialised whilst at RADA in Wardrobe. I am passionate about costume and enjoy working closely with desingers and directors to get the desired result.

I am a confident friendly person, and find making friends and new contacts highly rewarding and enjoyable. I work well in teams, big or small, and enjoy a challenge. I am able to both take control of a team or be lead by a team, and understand the importance of team work.

The Technical Theatre and Stage Management course at RADA introduces you to all aspects of tehcnical theatre. Spending 6 weeks in each department; scenic art, lighting, wardrobe, construction and props, means that I have built up the confidence and skills to work competantly in each area. I feel confident that if I were put in a position in which these skills needed to be carried out, I could do so without doubt.

I feel this has made me a well rounded technician, and given me a greater understanding of how each department works, and where my department sits in conjunction.