Current Programme:

A Paines Plough and Naked Angels production

Bilal's Birthday / 322 Days
by Nathan Bryon / Lucy Gillespie

Available online throughout 2016


Our transatlantic collaboration with legendary New York company Naked Angels sees two new radio plays by Nathan Bryon and Lucy Gillespie released as free to listen downloads...


by Nathan Bryon (UK)
directed by Liz Carlson and produced by Naked Angels (NYC)

In a cramped apartment in Harlem within the busy city of New York, Bilal is 24 hours away from turning 18 years-old. No one is more excited than him, but he has left everything to the last minute. As usual, Bilal has been spending most of his time in his daydreams with his best friend who is--rightly so--Beyoncé.

Bilal's loving Aunty Theresa wants to make his birthday a super special occasion after the tough year he's had, but his sassy cousin Sade is not sure he deserves all the attention!

Bilal’s Birthday is a comedy-drama written by Nathan Bryon about a newly formed family, helping their newest member settle in.

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322 DAYS
by Lucy Gillespie (US)
directed by Sean Linnen and produced by Paines Plough (UK)

Gemma and Weston are two young, beating hearts from different places and different worlds. Their relationship fragments over the internet as they try to stay connected in an over-connected world.

Navigating adolescence, they can neither embrace each other or the separate lives they lead and their virtual intimacy hinders them from fully connecting with the everyday world around them.

When a secret is uncovered and reveals a schism at the centre of their relationship, a deep emotional distance threatens to overwhelm their physical distance and put their future plans in jeopardy.

322 Days is a radio play about being together and being apart.

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Recorded at the Lyric Hammersmith on Friday 4 December 2015, 322 DAYS was made possible by the kind support of the Lyric Hammersmith.